Hi – I’m MJ.  In my struggles with negative self talk and disordered eating, I’ve noticed a lot of the online resources and forums seem very clinical.  From what I have found, they are mostly doctors talking about treatment options, with little hope from the “field” about getting to the other side (and what it’s like once you get there).

I wanted to start this blog to share my experience, and give all women a place to share their challenges and victories.  Essentially, creating a place for dialogue and a resource for all struggling with negative self talk/unrealistic self image/disordered eating.  It seems as though the world around us only celebrates perfection… may this be a place that celebrates authenticity and courage.

Let’s be open.  Let’s encourage.  Let’s choose life.

Need help?  Encouragement?  A listening ear?  Email me: shechoselife@gmail.com


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